For the best audio experience, anyone contemplating a Surround sound system should look at Marantz for their excellent sound quality and build quality.  Here is why;

Marantz feature high power amplifiers with discrete output devices - that means a defined and rich sound quality. Featuring identical circuit topology over all  power amplifier channels, the Recievers are equipped with discrete high current output devices. Since all  amp channels are of the same exact design, there’s no variation in sound quality between channels at all, for a true high fidelity surround sound listening experience

Media Streaming has never been as easy. Whether you would like to stream from your ipad, iphone, or computer, or add an Apple TV streamer and add facilities like Netflix, Marantz has the features you need and we are here to help you with the set-up.

Marant NR-1504  Slim Line, 5.1, 50 watts x 5, Network AV Receiver with AirPlay 

A very capable receiver that can be used in a two speaker or 5.1 speaker system. Consider the Monitor Audio Radius loudspeaker system 

Marantz Nr-1504 click to enlarge

Marantz NR-1504 rear panel click to enlarge

Marantz NR-1605 Slim Line 7.1, 50 watts x 7, Network AV Receiver with AirPlay 

Set up a 7.1 system, or a 5.1 speaker system in your media room and add two speakers in another area. Consider the Monitor Audio Radius loudspeaker system for  superb sound quality

Marantz Nr-1605 click to enlarge

  Marantz Nr-1605  click to enlarge

Marantz Nr-1605 click to enlarge

Marantz SR-5009 7.2,  100 watts x 7 , Network Audio/Video Surround Receiver with wi-fi and bluetooth and Audyssee XT room correction

This Receiver is a big step in power, offering the ability to drive floor standing speakers like the Monitor Audio Silver System 

Marantz SR-5009 click to enlarge

Marantz SR-5009 rear click to enlarge

Marantz SR6009 7.2, 110 watts x 7, Network Home Theater A/V Receiver with phono input, 2 zone hdmi output, with with wi-fi and bluetooth and Multi EQ Audyssee XT 32 room correction 

Here Audysee 32XT is included.  Audyssey 32 has 8 times the processing power of Aydyssey XT and is better able to correct for harsh room reflections in rooms with lots of glass and hardwood floors. The SR-6009 has ability to drive floor standing speakers like the Monitor Audio Silver System  and a phono input lets you connect a turnltable like the Pro-ject Debut Carbon

Marantz SR-6009 click to enlarge

Marantz  SR-6009 rear click to enlarge

The SR7009 9.2, 125W x 9, Network Home Theater A/V Receiver with wi-fi and bluetooth, features Dolby Atmos, phono input, 3 zone hdmi output, Multi EQ Audyssee XT 32 room correction 

The ideal Receiver to experience Dolby Atmos and the quality of a top notch speaker system like the Monitor Audio Silver.  Add overhead speakers for the full effect. 

Marantz SR-7009 click to enlarge

Marantz SR-7009 rear click to enlarge

Marantz Processor Pre-amp AV-7702 with with wi-fi and bluetooth, features Dolby Atmos, phono input, 3 zone hdmi output, Multi EQ Audyssee XT 32 room correction 

Marantz AV7702 click to enlarge

Marantz AV7702 click to enlarge

In addition, the AV7702 HDMI V 2.0 and provides electronics professionals with ISF calibration options. It also features the ability to set the pre/pro up to playback high resolution audio content through its compatibility with formats FLAC HD, WAV192/24 and DSD files.  

Marantz MM8807 Powreamp, 15o watts x 7

7-channel power amplifier delivers power and detail, and is rated at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

The MM8077 is equipped with multiple high current discrete power transistors that feature high slew rate and wide operating bandwidth to extract the most detail from today’s high resolution audio formats. Copper chassis and high quality parts ensure superb detail.

Marantz MM8807 click to enlarge

Marantz MM8807 rear click to enlarge

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