Samsung's SUHD TV is a worthwhile improvement

Samsung's new 4K TV does not improve on the resolution of 4K TVs but rather on picture quality. The new sets bring some confusing acronyms like SUHD, HDR and WCG. Do these mean anything? Are these important features?

Extremely we say. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to an ability by the display device to reproduce a greater range of brightness from inky black to a flash of (almost) pure sunlight. How much better are these HDR certified sets? Much - the maximum brightness is 60% higher, and the resultant picture way more exciting.

The other major improvement is WCG - which stands for Wide Color Gamut and simply means more color differentiation. This means the grass is no longer just green, now you are able to easily discern shades of green - maybe you would like to instantly spot the different yellowy green of the dryer field in Florida, compared to the blue green of local sports venues. Your TV is after all, a window to the world, rejoice.

SUHD is Samsung's new range that incorporate these refinements. Pictured on the right below is a picture of what to expect from improved color and contrast. link to Samsung

samsung SUHD.jpg